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Clearwater Hanging Signs


When things last, it’s usually due to one main reason: they work efficiently, thus continuing to be beneficial and worth the investment. Hanging signs, for instance, have been used in advertising since the 16th century simply because they get the job done!

custom projecting storefront sign

If you want more people to notice your business, DVC Signs can customize the best Clearwater hanging signs for you at affordable prices. We craft them out of durable materials that let your signs withstand outdoor elements for a long time. We also provide illuminated hanging signs for 24/7 or nighttime-operating businesses.

Moreover, hanging signs can be customized to carry a design that fully captures your brand image and desired style. Our graphic designers can help you pick the fonts, colors, and images to be used or create the design from scratch ourselves, whichever you prefer. The bottom line is that we’ll tailor your signs to increase your visibility and impact on your target market.

Making your business known and inviting more customers doesn’t have to be expensive. Work with our hanging sign experts and get our budget-friendly custom sign for your outdoor advertising goal!

Call DVC Signs today at (727) 677-5075 for your Free Consultation with a Clearwater Hanging Sign expert!

Projecting Signs and Brackets

Are you searching for a sign with durability that is fit for permanent outdoor use? Our projecting signs and brackets from DVC Signs will be a superb choice!

custom projecting signThey are a step up from the more common hanging signs with their steadfastness against harsh winds. We also offer this type of Clearwater hanging signs in various materials so you can achieve the particular look and strength that you want.

Do you want a classic touch? Our ornate iron brackets and wood or metal panels will be ideal for your projection signs.

Are you looking to achieve a modern commercial aesthetic? We have PVC foam boards that will be precisely cut to your preferred shape and affixed to your wall with a minimalist bracket.

However you envision your hanging sign, DVC Signs is skilled and equipped to design, customize, and install it to your specifications!

Hanging Blade Signs That Stand Out

Blade signs are the type of hanging signs that you mostly see outside of inns or bed-and-breakfast establishments. However, these charming outdoor signs can also be tailored to align with different brands and businesses while conveying any information effectively.

attractive custom hanging signsOur Clearwater hanging signs experts at DVC Signs will not only custom design but also install your hanging signage in strategic locations. This helps entice more potential customers and guide them into your establishment.

Included in our wide range of material options are solid timber, fiberglass, aluminum, PVC, and cast polyurethane. Having these diverse options allows you to maximize your sign’s durability and creatively match your brand image while sticking to your budget the whole time.

The customized panels also come with versatile posts and brackets that we will perfectly craft to complement your chosen materials, including wrought iron, wood, and stainless steel.

Indoor Hanging Signs

To further reinforce your branding efforts, you can create a similar marketing impact to that of your exterior signs by using custom indoor hanging signs!

indoor hanging directional signYou can utilize them to display graphics that will aid in various messaging purposes—promotional, informational, or otherwise. Regardless of your specific signage goal, DVC Signs is fully equipped to design, produce, and install your desired hanging sign in a cost-efficient, prompt, and precise manner.

If you want a simpler look, we offer acrylic, PVC, and corrugated plastic materials for your hanging sign. If you opt to have a more sophisticated look, we also provide higher-end sign frames, illuminated sign boxes, and LED message boards.

Full-Service Sign Company

Getting the right signage is crucial for the overall performance of your business. Don’t settle for less and work with an experienced signage provider whose expertise expands to designing, manufacturing, and installing all kinds of outdoor and indoor signs—like DVC Signs!

hanging exterior storefront signWe understand the need for unique and eye-catching signs that will boost a certain brand’s reach and public perception. That’s why every member of our team—graphic designers, signage fabricators, and signage installers—are all trained and committed to delivering meticulous service that goes above and beyond to meet your specifications.

We always ensure that our clients get the best out of their investment through proper assessment, careful planning, and precise execution of the actual signage production and installation. Moreover, we customize a lot of other signs apart from hanging signs, including the following:

  • Banners
  • Pole signs
  • POP displays
  • Menu boards
  • Corrugated signs
  • Printed backdrops

…and so many more!

Talk to our signage experts today, and we’ll walk you through all your options.

Free Hanging Signs Consultation

Clearwater Hanging Signs dvc signs company logoHanging signs have been continuously in demand for centuries due to their effectiveness. Now, with the aid of modern technology, our Clearwater, FL sign company can provide you with even more attractive and long-lasting custom hanging signs.

Not sure if a hanging sign is the right type of signage for your building? Are you worried about your budget? Get answers and employ the right signage solution for your commercial messaging needs with our signage experts today!

Call DVC Signs today at (727) 677-5075 for your Free Consultation with a Clearwater Hanging Sign expert!